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COLTEN'S FINGER is a female clitoral sucking vibrator. This product is an excellent choice for foreplay and sex if you want to experience rapid and intense orgasms. This mini suction vibrator will provide you with a fantastic experience that will meet all of your demands thanks to its nine suction frequencies. The silicone substance has a smooth surface and is completely safe for your body. The silent motor allows you to have as much private sex as you like. The waterproof charging port is enclosed. so you can use it in the water. and the USB charging is simple and straightforward to use. So. get a buzz with Colten's Finger right now!

SECRECT PACKAGING: All Laphwing adult toys will be delivered in dedicated sealed discreet boxes without leaving any sensitive words. Please contact Laphwing if you have any problem with this sex toy.



Customer Reviews

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This prostate massager is different than other ones I've used. Instead of inserting it all the way, just insert the head, up until the first bump (as the instructions tell you to do). The difference between doing that and not doing that is staggering, as it is perfectly designed to hit you in all the right places. The toy is shaped well and is, for lack of a better word, cute. I'd recommend this toy for people skeptical about prostate stimulation, as it does a very good job of showing you what that feels like


I have tried a few of these, and so far i have found this one to be the best. Nice packaging. Shipment was on time. I think the best part of it is the wave motion. I haven't seen any others with this feature, but it feels like a flexing finger. It's much better than just vibrating. I would recommend this 100%!

Jesse Frost

bought a new nice toy to enjoy, and am loving it so far.This Phanxy new massager is much different than other prostate vibes- where others simply vibrate or heat up and vibrate, this one can perform the 'Come Hither' motion! The prostate shaft is stiff and has a motor that makes a unique tickling motion that most prostate enthusiasts crave.This is a good machine for medium to advanced prostate connoisseurs. Between the perineum tab sending 9 different crisp vibe patterns and the prostate shaft vibrating and squeezing the prostate- you are in for an extremely satisfying ride!!I gave myself enough time to explore the different vibe and tickling patterns leading to half dozen strong orgasms and an explosive ejac. If you can get it placed right and are turned on enough, it will milk you dry.Just get it, trust me!


This toy is pretty interesting, I like the wave model and the way it feels inside and outside when it touches the clit although they could make do with a stronger vibration.

Angelic Wonder

Super intense vibrations! More for those that are comfortable exploring different avenues. Always delivers!