General Warranty

Warrant Policy

If the product you receive malfunctions or has any defect in workmanship or materials, please contact us at and we can work out a solution.

This warranty applies to all items within 1 year of original purchase.

All defective items will be replaced by new ones. If the item has been discontinued, Laphwing Customer Service will discuss with you for a replacement solution.

If the items you buy fail to work within a month, you can also request a full refund. For more details, please contact us at


Warranty Submission Procedures

Submit a copy of the receipt showing the defective item and the date of purchase, as well as the defect proof (picture, video, etc.) to Customer Service via e-mail (, and describe the issue in text.

Once your request has been processed, we will contact you to make sure of your replacement information. If the item is found to be artificially damaged, the warranty will be null and void.