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RUBY is a masturbator for male. If you're looking for a real orgasm that feels like having sex with a real woman, then you must check this out! With a combination of ten modes of electric rotation programs, the dual pleasure from the rotating and thrusting will make you feel like a man on a heavenly plate. Soft, flexible pleasure tunnel, accompanied by many massage dots, with the penis penetration, you will be tightly wrapped. The powerful motor, one hour usable time, and easy-to-use and easy-to-clean will further enhance our experience. Come in right now to add a pack to your order!

SECRECT PACKAGING: All Laphwing adult toys will be delivered in dedicated sealed discreet boxes without leaving any sensitive words. Please contact Laphwing if you have any problem with this sex toy.

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This masturbator comes in an attractive packaging with a USB charging cable and a water-based lubricant.
A big advantage of this masturbator is its design and construction. The actual part is hidden behind a red transparent cover with a lid, which can be unscrewed if you wish. As a result, the masturbator is very well protected from dust. The inner cover can be removed very easily for cleaning, so that no annoying aftermath is necessary after the actual use.
All I can say about the performance of this masturbator is wow. The unique selling point of this device compared to conventional masturbators is its rotational movement, which also varies in height. Together with the countless operating modes, everyone is sure to find something for themselves here. This is really a completely different experience, especially with the excellent price-performance ratio.


I'm positively surprised, it feels very realistic! At the same time, it is easy to clean, which I particularly like. Even if lube is included, I can recommend ordering a tube of lube at the same time. Price performance is also top compared to other products in the same segment.


sex toys
for men Cleaning the device is very easy. The mastrubator
is easy to use and feels good in the hand. The price and workmanship of the device are good. In addition, it is not immediately recognizable
because it gives the impression of a thermos flask.
After I have also tested other devices from other manufacturers, this is currently in 2nd place in my personal ranking.
In any case, I can recommend this part.