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AKTZIN is a anal vibrator with an electric shock pulse for beginners and experienced users. If your prostate. perineum. and anus want to be satisified. you should try this one. 8 types of vibrations and electric shocks. freely adjustable according to your needs. get double pleasure with the electric pulse function for the most incredible whole body orgasm. The electric anal dilatation vibrator's unusual scissor design. flexibility. and powerful holding power can be easily inserted with just a little lubricant. allowing you to feel totally expanded and fulfilled. USB rechargeable and safe waterproof soft silicone material. no need to be concerned about scratching your skin while enjoying anywhere. Plug it in and enjoy the intense electric shock.

SECRECT PACKAGING: All Laphwing adult toys will be delivered in dedicated sealed discreet boxes without leaving any sensitive words. Please contact Laphwing if you have any problem with this sex toy.

Customer Reviews

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Emaily Hintenach

Amazing amazing amazing! I am absolutely in love with this product. This is definitely something for beginners wanting to branch out and experience. Both my partner and I took a leap of faith trying something new, and we ended up loving it!! The package is super discrete which I absolutely love! The product itself is shaped perfectly for any body type. The toy itself is really quiet and discrete as well, which is a huge plus! The battery life is amazing and the toy charged really fast. The one piece silicone has such an amazing feel to it. I love that this product is wireless controlled....it was super easy to figure out how to use the remote and brought so much pleasure into my sex life. I have never had a toy like this before, but it was the perfect addition into the bedroom. The instructions were super clear and easy to follow. Overall this product definitely needs to be on your list! You won’t be disappointed. Can’t wait to try more products from this seller!!


OMG!! Very quick arrival. The excitement was worth the wait. Stays in place extremely well. The vibrations are mind boggling. I used this for about 3 hours to play with functions. Oh. s#$t I hit the shock and that was incredible after going through the buttons several time, several times.. did I say several times.. Well just say the only thing missing is this telescopic, self warming, and ejaculation. OOPS! that too real. My girl enjoyed every minute of watching my boby pusate from the shock.. OOPs.. PG 13 rated.. Buy this product you wont regret it.. GUARANTEED!!

Amazon Customer

It amazes me how something so small can have such power. This truly is a powerful vibrator. The only thing I did not like about it was its length. It is too short for it to lay or reach the prostate(which if youre a guy this is the whole reason why you bought this, right?). It does take some gettibg used to insertin, but its not hard. If it were a little longer to hit the p spot I would have given 5 stars bc just from the vivration I know this would have been a great milking toy.

Queen Kay

Great product & glad I took the leap to purchase! Comes discreetly packaged which I needed… very soft and flexible. The remote is an added bonus for solo play! The shock is no joke! In a good way… very powerful toy and added to my favorites


this is a fun toy to have. i love it. i had a special shopping trip to walmart with it. my mistress made me were my chastity cage with this inserted. she had the remote. she kept changing the setting or turning it on and off. at one point while shopping she turned everything to the highest setting. i had all i could do to stifle a moan while a girl was helping me in electronics. as we were leaving a moan did escape from me. I swear the older lady walking out the door could hear the plug she gave me the strangest look of disgust. i am sure i turns a deep red under her gaze while my mistress had a sheer look of total pleasure at my embarrassment.so anyone looking for a toy for public play to be humiliated with i would say this one works. But it and give the control to another to have fun in public.