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Magic Assassin Electric Shock Prostate Stimulation Anal Plug - Laphwing
Magic Assassin is an multifunctional anal plug with vibration and electric shock, you can choose the most suitable intensity and enjoy non-stop peak pleasure. Rechargeable large capacity Li-battery makes it last over 2 hours so that you can completely immerse yourself in the wildest fantasies.

Easy to clean & Use

Daily Waterproof

Remotely controllable

Let the intense vibration and electric shock pulse take you to heaven
You can use it as prostate vibrator, male vibrator,anal dildo vibrator or classical G spot vibrator.
Multiple Way For Pleasure

The anal plug can be worn by both men and women and it is the perfect size to fill your anus and make it fully expanded.

8 Powerful Vibration Modes

Very quiet but powerful dual motors of this vibrating anal plug provide you with super strong vibrations and electric shocks.

8 Electric Shock Modes

Special electric shock pulse function will bring thrilling sensations. Choose the most suitable intensity to enjoy uninterrupted peak pleasure.

Key Specs






196 g/6.9 oz




IPX6 Waterproof

Package Included

Magic Assassin - Electric Shock Prostate Stimulation Anal Plug x 1 + Remote Control x 1 + Charging Cable x 1

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Xaq Hirtz

When I first opened it, I thought it was a little on the small side, but wow does this little thing make up for it. Fits snugly, has a lot of fun settings, and is very enjoyable.Shocks are a little weak and the battery doesn’t hold charge for too long, but it’s great fun!

Cheyanne Cote

Super strong vibrations, the electric shock component is fun. Good quality, discreet packing, no funny smell. Would recommend!

Pork & BEERS

This thing has a pretty good vibration for it size. You will definitely know it is on and running. The shock value is epic. The first time I turned it on it was too intense to go more than about 15 seconds. By the end of the night my girlfriend set a timer for one minute and let it shock. Very good tool for discipline and D's control. BDSM toy! Better than a shock collar.


I charged the device prior to use and then tested it in my hand. It vibrated and the electric stim function worked. I turned it off with the remote, inserted it, and tried to turn it back on. The vibrate function worked, the E-stim function did not. I took it out and tried to turn on the E-stim in my hand again and it no longer worked.---Edit---I originally reviewed this product with one star due to it not functioning properly. The merchant saw my review, reached out to me, and offered me either a full refund or a replacement. I accepted a full refund. I have edited my review to 5 stars since they went out of their way to correct the issue with their defective product and even gave me a choice of how I would prefer it to be handled.

Luke J

Quite a wonderful experience! The various vibrations were all very stimulating and the electric shocks were very intense almost to the point of being too much. Definitely fun to let your partner have the controls to stimulate the user remotely.