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Eysins Butt Plug Silicone Monster Anal Toys With Tentacle Octopocs Design - Laphwing
The anal plug has a special design of tentacle octopocs shape, which will bring you more stimulating massassing to your hot spot. High recommend this tentacle anal sex toys for every anal players. Liquid silicone emerges as the ideal silicone material for anal play due to its remarkable properties. Its flexibility and elasticity provide comfort and pleasure during use.

Soft Liquid Silicone Material

100% Waterproof

Easy to Clean & Use

Be ready to explore an incredible sexual experience!!
The tentacle anal plug is a versatile adult toy that allows you to stick sex toys onto any sturdy surface, preparing you for an incredible sexual experience. Whether on a chair, wall, or floor, this toy offers an opportunity for anal prosate stimulation.
Octopus Stimulation Tentacle Design

Unique octopus stimulation tentacle design teases your organs and brings you a whole new sense of touch.

Soft Liquid Silicone Material

The soft liquid silicone material is totally body-safe and latex free for you to use.

Super Strong Suction Cup

The powerful suction of this fantasy anal plug allows you to experience the fun anytime, anywhere.

Key Specs




Small(4.8 /2 in) Medium(6.7 / 2.8 in) Big(8.7 /3.6 in)


Small(186.5 g/6.6 oz) Medium(494.5 g/17.4 oz) Big(1116.5 g/39.4 oz)




100% Waterproof

Package Included

Eysins Butt Plug Silicone Monster Anal Toys With Tentacle Octopocs Design x 1

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Firstly, Clean toys before and after use: It is important to clean sex toys before and after each use to prevent the spread of bacteria and other germs.

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