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MR.LSAAC is a Prostate Massager Anal Plug for males and couples to have fun. It seems ordinary. but it really is something. 9 powerful vibrations and a slim. wearable design combine to deliver an overwhelmingly intense orgasm to you. Dual motors precisely target the prostate. anus. and perineum to provide internal and external pleasure. Ergonomic design with body-safe materials and velvet silicone for comfortable penetration. Rechargeable via USB control and 100% waterproof for adventurous play and cleaning. Let it enter your body and enjoy the pleasure!

Remote controlled 9 speeds anal vibrator with dual motors to accurately target the prostate. anus and perineum

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Anthony P

So this is my first prostate toy. It's very well crafted and powerful. Easy to clean and water proof. But I gotta say I wasn't ready for it. It was very uncomfortable to me during my first time using it.. But I guess I gotta get used to it like I did with a dildo I own. So I do recommend it for the power


A pretty regretful purchase for me because I'm just not really into this kind of thing. As a man who's wife left me two and a half years ago, I've been trying to find a substitute for intimacy. So I was horny one night and thought this was a good idea. I can say having an orgasm with this in the backdoor and then having the post-nut clarity is pretty regretful. No fault of the product, just not for me


I've had this for about 3 months and while I originally got it to explore anal play, my wife thoroughly enjoys it as a deep stimulator to her lady parts.

We're both new to anal play and I didn't find it too large for 1st time experimentation, but my wife found it a bit large for her.

I do wish there were other ways to control the vibrator other than the remote, but that feature seems pretty standard across anal stimulator products.

Overall, I definitely think it stands out as a lady stimulator more than an anal stimulator, but that might be due to my novice level of anal play. We definitely enjoy it and regularly come back to it when reaching for a toy to add good vibes during our extracurricular activities.


This does exactly what it is supposed to. It has 9 different vibration settings, takes about an hour and a half to charge, and comes with a nifty remote. Turn on the massager first before the remote to ensure they sync up before use. The charging cord can be used for both as well. The massager can last up to 2 hours but the remote I'm not so certain yet. All in all a worthy purchase!

Bee Velasquez

This is definitely for couples !! I mean you definitely can use it alone but as a couple we enjoyed this !! I love that Phanxy comes in a nice fancy box ! The waterproof and the way it charges is awesome!! The material is soft and doesn’t bother my skin . Oh and this one is more petite than the last one we purchased, helps when you need smaller and not so BIG . Thank you PHANXY !