Collection Of Sex Toy Classifications - Male (There Is Always One Suitable For You)

Sex toys are playing an increasingly important role in our lives. Their main function is to help adults obtain sexual assistance. They can not only increase sexual interest and improve the quality of sex, but also bring positive effects to sexual health. However, there are a dazzling array of sex toys in the market. It is particularly important to choose one that suits you best. It can maximize your sexual interest. This blog will make a basic classification based on the different body organs stimulated by each toy. After understanding it, you can target it to make basic judgments and choices.

Male Parts


Prostate orgasm is a sexual blessing for men. Only men have a prostate. It is located at the end of the bladder and the front of the rectum. It is in the center of the lower body and cannot be touched from the outside. It can only be touched "deep into the center of the earth". Some people say that the prostate is Boys’ G-spot! If you want to touch it, you have to go more than 5 centimeters from the back chamber, and you will feel a small swollen area that feels different from the surrounding structures. That is the prostate! The nerves of the prostate and orgasmic body are linked together, resulting in a sore and numb feeling, a sense of cohesion and explosion before ejaculation! After prostate orgasm, you won’t feel particularly tired, but instead feel like your brain has been rearranged and refreshed! You can have orgasms over and over again! I recommend prostate toys to friends who have never experienced it before to open the door to a new world!


Anal sex is considered more risky than other types of sexual intercourse, but any type of unimpeded sex increases your risk of contracting or spreading an STI. Moreover, the delicate and tight skin of the anus will increase the risk of tiny skin tears, but the area around the anus is covered with parasympathetic nerve endings and bundles of nerves, which will bring a unique pleasure. At the same time, the continuous contraction and expansion of the anal sphincter will also take you to the sky. Some pull beads, anal plugs, and even prostate massagers that we often see are anal toys. When using anal toys, you need to use lubricant step by step to give you a different feeling.


There is no need to go into details about this part. All adult men have had experience in this area. For the most direct and complete climax, most people just use their hands to finish it, as if they have completed a job. Then I must Recommended to people who have no experience in using automatic masturbator, try it out. The masturbation cup not only frees your hands, but also brings enjoyment during the process. It also has the effect of delayed ejaculation, adding a sense of ritual and reality to your climax. Humans are better than other creatures is that they know how to use tools. Tools will add more fun to your life.


Many people think that the testicles are a fragile part and will not take the initiative to touch or even play with them. However, some toys have additional functions designed specifically for them. Of course, they will not be as strong as masturbation cup. The original intention of the design is to use gentle touch. Vibrate or suck to stimulate this sensitive little thing, and the feeling you get is mostly a numb feeling. There is also a kind of toy that is already very common. It delays ejaculation by binding near the testicles, that is, the root of the penis. On this basis, it can also add functions, such as the penis sleeve, which is put on the penis and testicles. Entering the other person's body can not only double the pleasure of the other half, but also delay ejaculation. It can be said that the design is clever and kills two birds with one stone.


A man's perineum is located at the midpoint between the root of the scrotum and the anus. Gently massaging and caressing the area around the male's perineum and anus can help improve male sexual function, stimulate the penis, increase erection hardness, delay ejaculation, and enhance the pleasure of ejaculation orgasm. Of course, there are also toys that focus on this part, achieving the goal through soothing vibration and tapping. Perineum toys is a relatively unpopular toy and will be favored by high-end exploratory players.


Oh my god, the ultimate weapon, the player at the top of the food chain. As the name suggests, there is this kind of toy, specially designed to stimulate the urethra. It is often found in SM games. Players who pursue the stimulation of the urethra can only respect it!

That’s all for this blog. If there are any novel ways to play that haven’t been covered yet, please feel free to add comments. This blog is one of a series. The next one is classification of sex toys - female parts, so stay tuned!

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