Enjoy Anal Pleasure Through Different Anal Toys

Human’s body is infinite, we should all face up to our own desires, which are sexual desires. The anal lust still be seen as sissy addiction by many people, especially the men. But, sexuality should not be gendered, even men have the right to enjoy anal desires.

Over the past years, the rate of anal sex keeps rising. A survey in 1950 showed that less than 15% of the population had experienced anal sex. According to the statistics from 2022, 72.1% of Americans have tried anal sex, 85% of gay men have tried anal sex, and 52.8% of people have used anal toys on their own body, while 48.9% have used anal toys with someone else. At the same time, From 2009-2015, the search volume for anal sex videos increased by 120%. There is no doubt that more and more people want to explore their own body and face their desires, we have the responsibility to provide suitable and safe product for them. In fact, you must have a general understanding about how is anal pleasure from man, if you want to use the anal toys better. The reasons can be divided into two main aspects, mentally and physically.

Mental Fantasy

“Let your belly be full, your clothes clean, your body and head washed; enjoy yourself day and night, dance, sing and have fun; look upon the child who holds your hand, and let your wife delight in your lap! This is the destiny of mortals.” The Epic of Gilgamesh has talked about the sexuality and hedonistic attitudes of the ancient Sumerians, in this civilization the anal sex is common. Anal sex and other forms of anal play are cross-cultural practices, definitely not a modern invention. Civilizations the world over seem to have used the anus as an object from which to derive sexual pleasure. While varying cultures have practiced a varying degree of acceptance of the practice, it does seem to be nearly a universal desire. Editor for sexography Duncan has pointed out that sex has always been a fascinating subject of thought, one that runs through us and permeates every aspect of us. So we might be equally curious about anal sex, what attracts people to try anal sex? On the one hand, it's an “exit” through which our body deposits waste, which can conceivably become rather unappealing. However, on the other hand, this is the fantasy of men all over the world. The Grandfather of Psychology, Sigmund Freud once said that the entirety of the body is sexual, there aren’t specific parts that are or are not able to be sexualized, as well as other things such as breasts,feet and hair. Quite simply, especially for man, anal sex is regarded as a symbol of sex, which means on a deep level this resonates with many men who consider it more carnal, just done for the sheer pleasure of it without even a hint of being something more. This can be part of reasons. On the other hand, the power of human curiosity can’t be ignored. Many men agree that the allure to be the fact that it’s considered a “forbidden fruit,” a fruit which tempts many. If a person’s body is Eden, anal sex is the sweet fruit from the tree of knowledge. The simple fact that it’s “wrong” is a powerful motivator in the minds of many, and by wrong, which mean biologically, rather than making any moral claims here.

Physical Stimulation

It seems that different stimuli can motivate men to engage. Whether you're a man, woman, or anyone in between, we all have a common, and that's our anus. We are all able to experience physical pleasure through our buttocks. The human anus has thousands of nerve endings, and when a specially shaped toy is placed inside a man's anus, it can reach the prostate more easily. In addition, once the prostate has been found, rubbing and squeezing back and forth will result in extremely intense sexual stimulation that blows regular orgasms out of the water. Yes, definitely, men also have the same sweet spot as women's G-spot, known as the P-spot, which can provide men with unimaginable sexual pleasure. However, even though this kind of sexual pleasure is deeply attractive, most people still hesitate, afraid to try, worried about the risk of Transmitting Sexually Transmitted Infections, Fistula, and Colon perforation. In fact, In the right way, it can also benefit the body to a certain extent. Sex editor Askham said that some men also report that a regular prostate massage can help ease inflammation of the prostate. This means that there is less discomfort in the area during the day and in extreme cases where the prostate is pushing against the bladder, it will aid in making urine flow just a bit simpler.

After learning some knowledge about the anal pleasure, would you like to try by yourself? The next part is the introduction about anal toys which might be helpful to you. If you want to explore more about your body, then continue reading it. Now on the market, there are many kinds of anal toys. Whether you are a rookie or a seasoned, this essay can guide to walk you through different types of anal toys and everything you need to know about choosing the right anal toys.

Anal beads

Anal beads is a string of insertable spheres. You can insert them one by one to achieve a feeling of enjoyable fullness, and then pull out the whole strong slightly more rapidly – providing a sensation a bit like being ass-fucked in reverse. One of its advantages is that they can be generally removed form the body at various speeds while climaxing, which causes each individual beads to stimulate the clenching sphincter muscles on their way out, resulting in a dramatically more intense climax.


Anal dildos are generally slimmer and smoother than dildos designed for vaginal play. They also often have a flared base, suitable for use with a strap-on harness. Dildo tips are oftentimes more bulbous and require the person inserting it to be properly warmed up.


Butt plugs

Butt plugs are roughly lightbulb-shaped with a large insertable head and narrow “neck” mounted on top of a flared base. Butt plugs come in all sorts of styles and materials, such as jeweled butt plugs, tail butt plugs, weighted butt plugs and metal butt plugs etc. Different bums have different needs, this is generally what a beginner is looking for.



Anal dilators are useful if you’re having trouble enjoying anal penetration at all. They come as a set consisting of several differently-sized, smooth insertable. Start with the tiniest, and then work your way up, using lots of lube and patience on the way. But dilators are generally more forgiving in their shape and size, and so are a better choice for anal newbies.


Anal probes differ only slightly from anal dildos. Usually they’re thinner and more flexible, and they might have a bulb or other protuberance on the end. They’re designed for reaching and stimulating spots deep within your ass like the prostate.

Long anal toys

This is a relatively novel anal toy on the market now, and it has not been widely popularized yet. But his charm is no less than that of other toys. Compared with the former, Long anal toy is more suitable for people who have developed their own anus and are looking for more extreme and deeper sex rather than beginners. According to the survey, the long butt plug toys on the market are basically made of silicone or PVC materials, and the length is more than 10 feet, or even more than 20 feet. They are super soft, highly elastic and have a smooth surface. Moreover, it is tapered, which are more easily to insert into your anus. It has a powerful suction cup on the bottom that attaches to almost any smooth surface, allowing for wider placement and more flexibility. Due to the large number of nerve endings on the sphincter, when the toy is placed inside the male anus, the friction and squeezing movements can make it easier to reach the prostate, allowing for endless sexual pleasure. If you think that's not enough, long anal toys with spiral texture are available for you. But be careful not to let it get stuck in your body, or you'll have to go to the hospital to get it out. After you receive the package, don’t forget lube. Quality lube is a must-have for all anal play. This will make the experience smoother and more enjoyable. Apply it generously on the toy and your anus. When you start inserting the toy, make sure to go slowly and stop if it becomes overwhelming. Chances are that you will find out that long anal toys are a great fun and not intimidating at all. After use, rinse or wipe with a mild soap and water, or try toy cleaner for an even quicker clean up. Let air dry and store in a clean discreet place for next time.


For most men, the strongest path to happiness is not in the front, but in the back. Even for those who haven't realized it yet. People might hate it or be disgusted by it, but that's just a simple fact of human biology. If you can accept this and relax a little, your life will be more fulfilling than otherwise, trust us!

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