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Oceanus Silicone Tentacle Grinder With Extra Stimulation Experience - Laphwing
The Oceanus Silicone Tentacle Grinder designed with a beautiful coral base and adorned with aquatic details will give you added external stimulation while teasing your entrance. Simply add your favorite water-based lube. Caress, slide, and pulse on your erogenous area of choice. These are ideal for folks who enjoy grinding.

Soft Liquid Silicone Material

100% Waterproof

Beautiful Coral Base Design

Key Specs




4.56/2.75/3.54 in


230 g/8.11 oz




100% Waterproof

Package Included

Oceanus Silicone Tentacle Grinder x 1

How to use Sex Toy Grinders?

There is no “right” way to use a grinder, but here are some tips to help you get started:

1) Strap the grinder to your partner's thighs and sit across them.
2) Strap the grinder to a pillow. You can then try lying face down on the pillow and grind away.
3) Strap the grinder to a pillow. Then straddle them.
4) Lie on your back and lean the grinder in your hand against your body.
5) Roll or fold the grinder and use it to stimulate the penis.
There are many ways to use the grinder! Don't hesitate to explore! Let your imagination run wild and discover the countless ways you can connect, indulge, and exhilarate with your partner.

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Due to the particularity of the product, we only accept the cancellation of the order before the logistics is sent out, I hope you can understand.

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Generally, we will deliver the goods within 72 hours after the order is placed.

Do you ship discreetly?

Your privacy and pleasure are our utmost priority, all of our products are shipped in discreet and non-descript packaging.We place no logos or markings on the outside of the box, and we will never give out customer information.

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You can choose to pay by PayPal or by credit card. Currently, the types of credit cards we support include Visa, MasterCard, American Express, etc..

What lubes can I use with these products?

We only recommend water-based and oil-based lubes. hybrid silicone lubes may cause damage to your toy.

How to clean and maintain?

Firstly, Clean toys before and after use: It is important to clean sex toys before and after each use to prevent the spread of bacteria and other germs.

Secondly,store toys safely: Proper storage of sex toys is important to keep them clean and avoid damage.

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