The grinder- a magic tool towards orgasm

Everyone discovers masturbation in their own way, but a common early experience is humping a pillow or a sofa. Then, as we grow older and move into a world of sex, phallic sex toys and pornography, grinding often gets forgotten.But now we can use the grinder to develop new pleasures of humping and grinding.

🧐What is grinder toy?

A grinder is a toy that is used to rub your genitals with an object or a consenting partner for sexual pleasure. Its unique texture is designed to deliver pleasurable friction on your genitals. The most straight forward method is by hand: drizzling them with lube and massaging them against yourself with up and down movement, circular rocking, or scooping motions. A similarly simple technique is to place them on a surface you can straddle (such as a narrow pillow or the corner of a low table) and rub over the texture.


🤓Where to use?

  • The use of grinders is practically gender-neutral, and they can be used anywhere that touches your sensitive areas, for example, they can be used to stimulate nipples, the perineum (where the nerve endings inside the penis and clitoris are located), and the external genitalia.
  • You can even wrap the grinder to around your penis and move it up and down rhythmically. Try different speeds and pressures to discover what gives you the most pleasure.


👀How to use Grinder Toys?

  • Place the grinder on a pillow or anywhere you can ride on it and straddle it to stimulate the vulva or penis
  • Use it together with a bullet to turn on full auto vibration mode
  • For a small grinder, place it over the vulva (or penis), hold the grinder in your hand and rub it
  • This can be matched with a strap to place the grinder between your partner's genitals and your own, and rubbing between your partner's genitals


📌Cleaning & Maintenance

The grinder is very easy to clean as it is completely waterproof and is mainly for external use only. Simply soak it in warm soapy water, then rinse and air dry. You may also need to do additional cleaning of some textured areas with a spare soapy toothbrush if the liquid has dried, or if you want to use the tip for internal stimulation.

It is also recommended to clean the bullets after removing them from the toy first, even though he is also waterproof. After that, you can simply store them all in a self-sealing bag to keep them clean.

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